Namings FAQ's


What is included in a Naming or Welcoming and how long do they last?

All ceremonies are created individually for you and can be adapted to suit. We would expect to have some opening words of welcome, general thoughts on being parents, personal contributions from parents and their promises, appointment of guideparents and promises, closing words and a well-wishing for the future. Grandparents thoughts and promises can be included too. We would usually expect a ceremony to be between 20 and 25 minutes long.


Where do we hold a Naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony can be held anywhere so it depends on the style of occasion you would like and the number of guests. Many hotels will have outdoor areas and function rooms available and will offer a buffet lunch or afternoon tea. There are numerous halls if you wish to do the catering yourself. Family homes and gardens also provide lovely personal venues.


At what age can we hold a naming ceremony?

A baby naming ceremony can be held as soon as you are ready to do this. However many parents find the early weeks and months after a new arrival very hectic and prefer to wait until their son or daughter are a little older. Combining a naming with a first birthday celebration or having a summer ceremony outdoors are often good times


What is the difference between a Naming and a Welcoming?

Generally the content of both a naming and welcoming are similar. We would usually have a naming ceremony for younger babies whilst a welcoming is often more appropriate for older children or adoptions.


Can other family members and friends take part?

Yes – anyone is welcome to contribute to the ceremony either by personal thoughts or perhaps by doing a reading or poem.


Can we appoint special people at the ceremony?

We usually call these guideparents but they can also be known as guardians or even oddparents. There is no defined number of guideparents and we would invite them to make promises in a way that is right for them. 


Do we have any certificates?

The fee includes an A4 certificate for parents to keep in a choice of standard designs along with A5 certificates for each of the guideparents to keep. 

We also offer the option to choose one of our bespoke designs at a small additional cost and these can also be provided for grandparents if required. 


What about including symbolic elements?

Candle lighting, sand mixing, tree planting and other symbolic elements can be included.


Can we hold a naming for siblings at the same time?

Yes of course – naming ceremonies can be for any number of children. You can appoint the same guideparents for all children or choose different ones for each. There is a small additional charge for multiple siblings.