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Namings & Welcomings


A naming ceremony is an opportunity for parents to mark the arrival of a new life without the commitment to any specific religion or belief. It is a chance for family and friends to join together in celebration and make commitments to support and guide this new little person throughout their future.

For many parents it is important that their children grow up free to make up their own minds about their beliefs once they are old enough to do so however it is equally important that they are able to share such an important occasion with friends and family and celebrate in some way. The arrival of a new baby is a busy time for parents so although a naming ceremony can be done as soon as you wish it often takes place a few months later and can be combined with another occasion such as a first birthday.

A welcoming ceremony often takes place when children are slightly older or for adoptions.

With all families being different all naming ceremonies will be different too and we will work with you to create an occasion that allows all the people important to you to take part in a way that feels comfortable for them.

Jayne did an amazing job for our daughters naming ceremony. It was so personal and special. We would definitely recommend to anyone that is wanting something different to a christening.
Tine & Tom
Thank you so much Jayne for the beautiful ceremony you gave us for Mason & Ava on their naming day. We loved the added touch of Mason being a much older sibling being able to make a promise to his little sister and become a guide brother . We were so touched to be able to remember their sister who sadly now isn't with us . We really felt the ceremony was special and so in keeping with what we feel is so important in life .... family , friends, love & friendship .
Colin & Shelley
 We had Jayne for our son’s wedding and it was excellent. Even the most religious said it was a beautiful service. Last week my son and daughter in law used White Dove again for their daughter’s naming ceremony! Again a beautiful, moving and very personal service. Highly recommend!