Renewal and Affirmations FAQ's


What is included in a Renewal or Affirmation and how long do they last?

Essentially a renewal or affirmation is a statement of love between two people. Each ceremony is created individually for you and can be adapted to suit. We would expect to have some opening words of welcome, general thoughts on love and relationships, possibly one or two readings, personal promises and commitment, exchange of rings or tokens, closing words and well wishing for the future. We would expect the ceremony to be between 20 and 25 minutes long. 


Where do we hold our ceremony?

Renewals and affirmation ceremonies can be held anywhere so it depends on the style of occasion you would like and the number of guests. Many hotels will have outdoor areas and function rooms which will work well. Informal ceremonies can take place at home or in a garden.


What is the difference between a renewal and an affirmation?

Generally the content of both a renewal ceremony and an affirmation are similar. A renewal is usually to restate the vows and promises made on a wedding day and is often done on an anniversary. An affirmation can be used where it isn’t possible to have a legal wedding or where this isn’t felt necessary but two individuals wish to make an informal commitment to one another. Occasionally this can also be used where a very simple ceremony is required immediately after the legal formalities.


Can other family members and friends take part?

In general a renewal or affirmation ceremony only involves the couple however family and friends can be invited to do a reading or poem.


Do we have a rehearsal?

As the ceremony only involves the couple there is no need for a rehearsal. Anyone doing a reading can be instructed on where to stand by the celebrant before the ceremony starts.


Can the ceremony be a private one – just the two of us?

Yes of course – these are the most personal of ceremonies and are very intimate so we endeavour to be as discreet as we can while providing some structure and formality to your expression of love for one another.


Can we add more elements to the ceremony?

In general it isn’t possible to add other elements to the ceremony however we can use either the standard or bespoke wedding ceremonies for renewals and affirmations where a more extensive ceremony with additional elements such as a ‘story so far’ or ceremonial certificate signing can be included. All the elements can be adapted to suit and a fully bespoke ceremony allows for complete flexibility.