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Affirmations & Renewals


An affirmation or renewal ceremony celebrates the love between two individuals and contains many of the key elements of a full wedding ceremony. It can take place anywhere and at any time of day.

Whether you wish to declare your love in a private way as a couple or share the occasions with family and friends we will work with you to create a meaningful and special occasion.

You may wish to renew the promises made on a wedding day – perhaps on a significant anniversary or simply when it feels right for you both. The renewal ceremony allows you to involve family and friends and tailor your declarations and promises to suit you.

An affirmation can also be used after a legal marriage where a very simple ceremony with just the couple is desired and a rehearsal isn’t necessary. There is opportunity to personalise the ceremony with promises and readings

It is also perfectly suited to couples wish to affirm their love for each other but for whom the legal formalities are not possible or important.