Family Tree Ceremony FAQ's


What is included in a Family Tree ceremony and how long do they last?

This is our newest ceremony and one that we have created based on working with families celebrating together and of all our ceremonies we expect this to be the most varied as all families are different. Content will depend on who the organiser of the ceremony will be and if there is a particular occasion that is being celebrated We would expect the ceremony to be between 25 and 30 minutes long.


Where do we hold our ceremony?

Family tree ceremonies can be held anywhere so it depends on the style of occasion you would like and the number of guests. Many hotels will have outdoor areas and function rooms which will work well. Informal ceremonies can take place at home or in a garden.


Where do we start?

Firstly decide on who will be the focus of the ceremony – easy if there is a birthday or anniversary being celebrated. There will usually be three generations– grandparents, parents and children - although occasionally four with great-grandparents. It is also possible to hold this type of ceremony for just parents and children and also to recognise the importance of people who although not related are an integral part of the family. 

Once we have the family tree then each generation will be able to contribute with a combination of personal stories and poems or readings.


What will be included?

We would usually expect some opening words and thoughts on family relationships from a general perspective, recognition of the oldest generation and a brief history of their time together, this will usually be followed by the second generation and finally the younger members of the family.


Do we need to say anything?

As with all our ceremonies contributions by family members are always welcome and do make the ceremony more personal however this isn’t necessary and the celebrant can deliver everything if required.


Is there a certificate?

We provide several designs for a certificate as a memento of the ceremony and you can choose the most appropriate for your family tree. One A3 size would be included however more copies can be requested for a small additional charge.


Can we combine a Family Tree ceremony with other ceremonies?

It is possible to include elements of a naming/welcoming or a vow renewal as part of a Family Tree Ceremony.