Our natural petal confetti


Natural petals are available in a range of colours and we usually have a good selection available in stock. Being a natural product the colours will vary and although we obtain our petals from a number of different UK suppliers we cannot guarantee to have particular colours available at short notice. Petals will keep for more than 12 months in a dark and dry place though so this is something you can purchase well ahead and store in preparation for your wedding day.

What colours do we offer?

We can supply either single colour petals, ready made mixes or we can mix to your requirements.
The usual measurement for petals is a ‘handful’ and we supply in 10 handful bags which allows you to combine colours to get your perfect mix. Single colours or standard mixes can also be provided in 50 handful packs.

Petal confetti is a natural product and as such the colour of each delivery may vary. The images below give an indication of the colours we usually have available. These are single colours however we do have some ready made mixes. We can also mix your personal choice of petals.


Single colours

Delphiniums are available in creams, pinks, blues, lilacs and purple. Other petals are available in ivory, pink, blue, marigold, lilac, and burgundy. We can also supply rose petals in shades from ivory to deep red.

Mixed colours

Any combination of colours is possible but we recommend a mix of pale and deeper petals as these will show on both light and dark coloured garments.

We usually have a good selection of colour samples available so make an appointment to come along and see what is right for your day.

Petals are £12 for a 10 handful bag although we do often have special prices on petals and packaging so do take a look at our offers page.

How much confetti do you need?

You can have confetti for all your guests and we recommend a minimum of 30 handfuls to provide a good shower. However for larger gatherings just providing confetti for between 50% and 75% of your guests will be adequate.


How to use the confetti

The simplest way is to place the confetti in boxes or baskets and invite guests to take a handful. This works well for weddings where the ceremony takes place inside and guests take a handful as they leave the building. Using confetti cones also works well in this situation. 

For outdoor ceremonies it can be easier if guests have the confetti already securely packaged. There are many options for this and you will be able to find something that fits with your wedding theme.

We have sourced several options for individual confetti packaging that we feel work well with the natural product. Take a look at our packaging options for some eco friendly, biodegradable and compostable ideas.

We also offer larger presentation boxes which can be used for loose confetti or to hold individual packs. These make lovely keepsake boxes after your wedding day and we can provide cards in all our stationery designs to be placed on the lids for display.